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Man who scammed $3 million 'destroyed lives': Victim

The Financial Markets Authority is warning Kiwis to look for regulated investments, after a Waikato man scammed victims out of $3 million, which he promised to invest but instead gambled away.

FMA spokesman Andrew Park told the NZ Herald the "key thing" for people to remember when someone was asking them to invest money into their business was "know what you're investing in".

"You've got to take extra caution if someone is asking you to invest in a private company," he said.

"If people are thinking of investing, look at the list of products that are regulated by the FMA.

"Press pause when someone's asking you to give them your money, and check that it's all legitimate or licenced by the FMA."

The benefit of experience at Gold Band Finance

This month the team celebrated John Reinke’s 65th birthday.

Proving age is just a number – John says while he plans to slow down a little, he still loves the opportunity to share his wealth of experience with Gold Band clients.

With Gold Band now into its Thirties, we’re hoping we look as good when we reach John’s milestone!

Happy Birthday John from the Gold Band team.

Gold Band Finance celebrating John Reinke’s 65th birthday


Gold Band Finance is a proud sponsor of the New Zealand Fallen Heroes Trust. The Fallen Heroes Trust supports New Zealand servicemen and women – as well as their families – if they have been injured doing their duty, and the families of those who have been killed on active service. The Trust provides support, financial assistance and a network of help for New Zealand’s Fallen Heroes, to help enable them and their families lead full lives and fulfil their dreams and aspirations. To find out more, offer your help or donate to the Fallen Heroes Trust, visit

Gold Band Finance is a proud sponsor of the New Zealand Fallen Heroes Trust

Gold Band Finance supports the Financial Services Federation

Gold Band Finance supports the Financial Services Federation, who have called for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to reconsider their stance on the Financial Advisers Act (FAA 2008) review.

The Financial Services Federation says all necessary consumer protection already exists under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA) and is therefore not required in the Financial Advisers Act (FAA 2008) review.

Gold Band Finance CEO Martin Brennan agrees, saying it is regrettable but indicative of MBIE's confused and inconsistent approach to matters pertaining to Finance Companies.

Executive Director of FSF Lyn McMorran highlights the issue, explaining there will be no representative from the advisory sector on the committee if consumer credit contracts remain in the FAA review.

Both Gold Band Finance and the FSF believe the consumer credit contracts should be excluded from the Act altogether, to ensure businesses are not over-burdened by unnecessary compliance obligations.

Media release: 23 June 2017


The Financial Services Federation (FSF) is urging the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to reconsider its position regarding consumer credit contracts providers being captured in the review of the Financial Advisers Act (FAA) 2008.

In a submission made in March, FSF Executive Director Lyn McMorran made a clear case as to why the provision of consumer credit contracts should be excluded from the scope of the Financial Advisers Act Review.

This included the fact that consumer credit contracts are already captured under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA), where all necessary consumer protections already exist.

For these contracts to also be included in the FAA would mean a double up in regulation, putting unnecessary strain on the industry and its consumers.

While the Ministry has acknowledged this anomaly, and that regulation double-ups should be avoided, consumer credit-contracts are yet to be carved out from the Bill which is still expected to have its first reading before the House rises for the Election in July.

McMorran’s argument was highlighted this week when MBIE announced the 9 individuals selected for a working group tasked with developing the new code of conduct for financial advice, in light of the Act’s review.

Of these 9 working group members, not one is a representative of the consumer-credit contract space.

“This is concerning to us,” McMorran says, “Because it seems that a code committee has been developed before the scope of the Act has actually been fully determined,”.

“We hold the position that consumer credit contracts do not belong in the Financial Adviser’s Act because they are covered by the CCCFA. However, if they are still to be included in it, we have a problem because there is now no representative from the credit consumer advisory sector on the committee.

“This is not to criticise the calibre or professionalism of those who have been selected for the committee. But if consumer credit contracts are to be left in the Act, they should be represented on the committee.

“However, as our submission has pointed out, they should be excluded from the Act altogether.”

FSF members pride themselves in taking their compliance obligations extremely seriously, but are of the position that regulation should be developed with the appropriate balance of providing consumer protection, and ensuring that business is not over-burdened with unnecessary or competing compliance obligations.

See the Financial Services Federation’s full submission here.

See the Government’s official announcement of the committee members here.

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The Financial Services Federation (FSF) is New Zealand’s largest industry organisation representing responsible, non-bank financial institutions.

The FSF has a strict joining criteria and takes a “quality over quantity” approach to its membership numbers. The Federation currently has 56 members, all of which are subject to a Code of Conduct which ensures its reputation as the setter of industry standards in responsible lending. In 2009, FSF released the Responsible Lending Guidelines to inform consumers about what they should expect from a lender when borrowing money. The Federation also joined forces with New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services to develop the Code of Responsible Borrowing to inform consumers of what they need to know and their obligations when borrowing.


Gold Band Finance has announced the appointment of Neil Cullen as General Manager of “LoanCoʼ, its consumer finance division.

Gold Band Finance is a licenced Non-Bank Deposit Taker (NBDT), as granted by The Reserve Bank of New Zealand, under The Non Bank Deposit Takers Act 2013. The organisation, one of only two NBDTs based in Christchurch, was established in 1986.

CEO Martin Brennan says that both Gold Band and LoanCo have experienced solid growth over the last 24 months.

“In order to continue to support the development of the LoanCo operation, it was timely to appoint an experienced leader and lender to the new role,” says Martin Brennan.

“Neil brings significant experience in the finance sector to LoanCo, as a senior leader within major trading banks, a successful business owner and operator and leader of large-scale NGO operations.”

“Neil is an energetic and enthusiastic leader with strong relationship-building abilities – as evidenced by his work across countries and cultures.”

In addition to his most recent senior banking role, as Area Manager South Island, Corporate and Commercial banking division for the National Bank, Neil has worked extensively in the private and NGO sector, both here and overseas. His role with TechnoServe, a leading American NGO funded by USAID and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, took him across Africa, leading 180 staff in 12 countries.

Neil says he enjoys the unique opportunities of the New Zealand finance sector, and the approach of LoanCo to its local customer base.

“LoanCo is focused on providing help for a broad range of people looking financial support – from debt consolidation and personal finance to home loans and business finance,” says Neil.

“I love working with people and determining how to make their ideas reality. LoanCo provides the ideal opportunity to create an individualised finance service tailored to their needs.”

Media release: 18 April 2017

Welcome to our new website.

As we celebrate turning 30 years old we are, like the city we work from, refreshing and building on our legacy. This new web site is the first of many innovations we have for Goldband as we celebrate recent milestones such as the big 30, being granted a Non Bank Deposit Takers licence from The Reserve Bank of New Zealand and coming off one of our most successful years results. (Which we will announce when our auditors have done their thing).

Like Christchurch we are open for business, so keep in touch.


Our specialist rural finance products are designed to assist in raising capital from the equity in your property, which will allow you to grow your business through funding for new equipment or livestock purchases.


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