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We offer a great range of investments, with flexible interest payments, as well as quality service and regular investment updates from our expert team.

By investing with Gold Band Finance you get the best of both worlds: Secured First Ranking Term Deposit investment and flexible interest rate options. Our range of terms makes it easy for you to decide how hard you want your money to work for you.

Gold Band Finance Limited or its staff are not in the business of providing financial advice. We recommend taking independent legal and financial advice before making decisions on investing.

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First ranking
Secured Term Deposit

Deposit is secured by a first ranking charge over the assets of the company. You also have the benefit of a Trust Deed under which the Trustee represents investorsā€™ interests and monitors company compliance.

How does the Trustee represent your interests?
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Flexible interest
payment options

With Gold Band Finance you can choose how you want your interest paid or credited to your investment.

Select this option if you would like to receive a regular income from your investment. Your interest will be paid into your nominated bank account quarterly, on the last days of March, June, September and December. This means you can regularly use your interest payments for what ever you need, and you keep your lump sum intact.

As an alternative, we offer the option of crediting interest at the end of each calendar month, when this option appears on the Application form for your new investment.

This is an excellent option for those investors seeking greater returns. Your original investment grows by having your interest compounded and added to your investment at the end of each quarter (on the last days of March, June, September & December). This option is for those investors who really want to see their money grow ā€“ you can watch your money growing every quarter, while receiving the same Quarterly Interest Advice as those that have their interest paid.

Regular investment updates

We will send you comprehensive Quarterly Interest Advices, allowing you to track the status of your investments.

Do you need more options?

We are more than happy to discuss a term that suits your investment needs. Simply call our investment consultants on 03 961 3000 or 0800 55 3000 and they will help you work out the interest rate that works best for you.

To discuss your lending or investment requirements, please contact us on 0800 55 3000 or 03 961 3000


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