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Gold Band Finance Limited is not in the business of providing financial advice. We recommend that you should take independent legal and financial advice if required.

How long have you been taking investments?

Over 33 years. In that time, we have NEVER missed an interest payment nor pay out upon maturity. At a time when many New Zealand Finance companies failed to honour their commitments to their investors, Gold Band Finance did, as it always has.

Who invests in GBF?

We have many long-term depositors dating back to the mid 1990s. We have investors with deposits as small as $5,000; our largest single depositor is well over one million dollars. Board members, shareholders, the Chief Executive and some staff are among investors in GBF.

How experienced are your staff?

The average length of service at GBF for our staff is over 8 years. Staff collectively have over 50 years lending experience. In addition to practical experience, our staff hold academic qualifications ranging from University Diplomas to Bachelors, to Master’s degrees. All with focus on either accounting or banking.

Who overviews GBF and looks after our interests?

We are governed by a Trust Deed that outlines a number of requirements, benchmarks and minimum ratios. We report monthly to our Trustees, Foundation Corporate Trust and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. We are audited twice a year by accounting firm PWC.

In addition, GBF is regulated by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand by way of by the Non-Bank Deposit Takers Act 2013 having been granted a licence by the Reserve Bank in May 2015.

What levels of reserves do you hold?

GBF currently carries almost twice as much equity than is required by the Reserve Bank Act (as at last annual accounts 31/8/21).

On what assets do you lend?

As at 31/8/21, 80% of our loan book was secured by residential mortgages and 9% was secured on property developments.

Are there any loans to any of the directors?


Is my deposit safe?

No one can and should give you such an undertaking. We stand by our legacy of over 33 years of protecting our investors’ money. We believe we have the legacy, prudence, governance and legal obligations to be the custodians of our investors’ money returning competitive rates. Your investment ranks ahead of all creditors (excluding any statutory as required by law) and our shareholders. We have no bank debt.


No Credit Rating

Gold Band Finance Limited is exempt from the requirement to have its creditworthiness assessed by an approved rating agency. Gold Band Finance operates under an exemption granted pursuant to the Non-bank Deposit Takers (Credit Ratings Minimum Threshold) Exemption Notice 2016 which recognises that it is unduly onerous for companies the size of Gold Band Finance to have a credit rating as would otherwise be required under the Non-bank Deposit Takers Act 2013. This means that Gold Band Finance Limited has not received an independent opinion of its capability and willingness to repay its debts from an approved source.

Under the Exemption Notice referred to above, the Gold Band Finance Group must maintain liabilities of $20 million or more, but less than $40 million and must maintain a capital ratio of 12% to qualify for the exemption.

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