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We aim to make it as easy and manageable as possible for you to make an investment with us, in just three steps:



Read the Disclosure Statement

This covers important information you need to know about us and our range of investment products. You can also get advice from your financial advisor, who can help you fill out the Application form – or call us on 03 961 3000 or 0800 55 3000.

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Complete the Application Form and the Anti-Money Laundering requirements

For more information, see:
‘How to complete the application form’.

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Piggy bank

Once we’ve completed your application and anti-money laundering requirements, we’ll send you our bank details to make your deposit.

How to complete the Application form

Why do we need the information? The information on the Application Form, which will be securely held by Gold Band Finance, is required for identification and to enable us to contact you when your investment matures or if we make special offers to investors. You may request access to or correction of your personal information held by us.

What should I fill out? Select the type of investment you want to make, and complete the appropriate panel on the application form. If you wish to invest in a combination of the investment options, you can do so using the same application form by completing more than one panel.

What else do we need to know? To meet our obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering legislation, we are required to obtain identification and other information for all new applicants and this may vary for each applicant. Please contact us to confirm the form of identification required.

Tax requirements and exemptions. All investments will have withholding tax deducted unless a copy of the ‘Certificate of Exemption’ is attached to the form. Where interest is paid to overseas residents, Gold Band Finance Limited is required to deduct New Zealand Non Resident Withholding Tax (NRWT), at your nominated rate. To enable us to deduct NRWT, please provide us with both your mailing and residential address.

How do I pay? We’ll provide you with our bank details to enable you to pay directly into our account.

To discuss your lending or investment requirements, please contact us on 0800 55 3000 or 03 961 3000


Download our Application Form, complete and email to us at: