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Relationship focused lending

Since 1986, we have been providing a wide range of finance for New Zealand businesses.

Over three decades we’ve developed a close working relationship and in-depth knowledge of the businesses and industries we lend to. This has given our team of finance professionals the ability to provide the flexibility and responsiveness that set us apart from other lending institutions.

A broad-based lending portfolio

Gold Band Finance has built its reputation on understanding its clients’ requirements by working alongside them to find the best finance solutions rather than just applying rigid and cumbersome bureaucratic processes.

Understanding you need a fast response and a more flexible approach, tailored to your individual needs rather than the standard model, sets Gold Band Finance apart from many other lending institutions.

While in some cases the financial assistance available from Gold Band Finance is short term, pending the establishment of longer-term arrangements, many of our clients have worked with us over many years to provide the finance they need through the changing stages of their business. In the highly competitive financial sector, these long-standing relationships are a testament to our hardworking, ‘sleeves rolled up’ approach to business.

At Gold Band Finance, we’re known for our decisiveness and experience. Our team of senior managers have the authority to make decisions and provide you with answers you need to take advantage of opportunities, without referring to a head office in Australia. They also have the experience to confidently manage the project in partnership with you.

While larger commercial loans are required to go through a process of credit approval, in most cases, a loan application can be turned around within a few days, often with an indicative response on the same day.

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Your choice of commercial finance options

With our broad range of lending products, we can finance many different types of commercial opportunities.

Gold Band Finance can tailor loan advances to meet your individual needs, with a range of flexible security and repayment options, including loans secured by:

  • Mortgages (1st or 2nd Ranking).
  • Specific Security Agreements (over vehicles, plant, machinery and other assets).
  • General Security Agreements (formerly known as debentures).

We can offer loans for:

  • Plant and equipment finance
  • Motor vehicle finance
  • Leasehold improvements finance
  • Insurance premium finance
  • Business acquisition finance
  • Working capital finance
  • Commercial development property finance
  • Commercial construction finance
  • Commercial property finance
  • Bare land purchase - bridging finance

A key component of our strategy is to maintain a diverse lending portfolio by providing finance to a broad spread of clients across a range of industry sectors.

This strategy is not only a prudent way of managing our risks. It also means we have the knowledge and experience across a range of sectors, and an in-depth understanding of the demands of local industry, to develop a broad range of lending products to suit the varied requirements of our clients.

Gold Band Finance has developed the systems, experience and industry knowledge to service the following industry sectors:

  • Property Investment
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Retail
  • Forestry
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Property development
  • Healthcare
  • Fishing

Gold Band Finance can provide bridging finance to assist when the following short-term finance is required, including:

Gold Band Finance has developed the systems, experience and industry knowledge to service the following industry sectors:

  • Bridging between the sale and purchase of residential property for home-buyers, investors or property traders.
  • Short-term injections of working capital for small to medium businesses. (Often to enable the completion of contracts).
  • Completion of projects. (A property renovation, subdivision, construction or other development work requiring additional project funding).

The security for all advances is by way of a registered mortgage or caveat over property.


To discuss your lending or investment requirements, please contact us on 0800 55 3000 or 03 961 3000


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